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Keep at it, Bandy! I love your vector stuff, but I'd love to see you get back into some more painterly stuff too.

thanks rob *high five

have you ever tried the fill effect on ms paint its very crap have you ever tried ms paint to do anything. well dont because its a big ol bag o crap statistcis microsoft cant make anything good or of use look at the pc for exaple it aint got nothing on a mac. Xbox 360 another example im on my third one (i do love the gears of whore)

Dear Sam, if you would know how to make use of MS Paint you'd see that it's possible to create astonishing art with it. (Go to youtube and look for Mona Lisa Ms Paint, for example)

Bandy, do not worry! By now your fans (over at Newgrounds) will eat out of your hands and love anything you do, no matter how dull it looks. But I'd like to ask, which books on drawing/painting have you read?

Jeff don't READ!!!
Nice stuff, I like the lighting.

r u insane??? Good job so nice... Im too far for u.. Thanks for ur comment on my Cyclops... Good Luck and Long Live Newgrounds...

Why do you feel this is bad? The color scheme goes well with the background. Makes me feel like this is the last thing im going to see before I am viciously attacked by NG characters. The only thing I don't like about it is that Everyone is looking downward at me except Angry Faic and Captain. (Which I can't tell because of goggles)

That was the only thing bothering me. The coloring is wonderful.

Hey I'm just a fan wondering if I could get a download of that bytesize Jhon cartoon. That short is freaking hillarious.

P.S. Love the work you do.

you are doing a great job. you have a gift in drawing and whatnot! i look up to you!

It looks really good, except for the angry faic. For some reason the shading on it didn't seem to look as good as the others. Either way, I prefer vector art than painted art, so keep going with the vectors :P

yo, update yo blog bitchnuts!

Haha, you sonofabitch, this background was my reference material for my first attempt at multi-colored lighting sources as seen in the Blockhead Ghostmas Special.

If you got it wrong, then hell, you're teaching ME wrong. But damn does it look good. IT NEVER FELT SO GOOD TO BE WRONG ok gay off.

This is INCREDIBLE!! Man oh man I love it.


Heyy nice images you've got here..can you make me some of characters i can use?! THANKS!!!!

Heyy nice images you've got here..can you make me some characters I can use for my site?! THANKS!!!!

I just want to know the names of the 2 strong purple characters and their stories please.

nice work man your good at this your tankmen series is the best!

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