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Nice, It's just like you started to paint again. Where are the horses running through the breaking waves with rainbows and sunsets?

jones don't push me to suicide ok?

I like Cammy. Mmmmmhh.. british hottie! ^^

What is that, Painter? Looks hawt. I luv it.

I fucking... I NEED a Cintiq. I mean like I'm seriously conflicted about whether to buy a car or a Cintiq. I would probably murder to get one. (4real, real murder).

Nice drawing. but also... Guile has 2 flags, one on both biceps, fyi =]

Hells yeah, Bandy. Looks great. And I understand your crush on Guile. He's got a tight ass.

When can we expect an update?
Keep up the good work.

This reminds me of Duke Nukem.

c'mon Bandy, lets get this site up and rolling again.


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