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Wow, it's been so long, I thought you were dead. Or just stopped hating things.

Wow dude, Dad looks really good. I really like is the light source for some reason.

Only thing I would fix would be his glowing hands. Unless of course he's in the middle of some sort of sonic boom.

The Tankman looks like he's out of a next gen Tankmen PS3 video game.

Still drooling.

I love that picture of Dad. He is so huge and muscular. He looks awesome.

That Tankman is more serious than I would expect, but still very cool. Great job.

Sir you are truely a master of your art and talent! I only hope to reach such a level of truely GOD like ability such as yourself. Also I had no idea how to ask about getting a piece of your art work if any of it is for sale at all.

That theme is so cool!!! A PS3 will be better if that is the theme.. Awesome! I really like it. Good job!

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