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haha nice work on that Cartoon Utah Btw I recently Got my Wacom 4x5 it's pretty hard to get used to the thing

Where do I get one of those posters?

this is so you bandy this is a good acrtoon i luaghed my ass off it's SO funny.

Hey Jeff, can we get these posters anywhere? This, your older Newgrounds one, the Berries and Cream Lad, and The Behemoth poster from ComiCon should be available in the Newgrounds Store for sale. Major cash flow coming your way. I'd love to get my hands on one.

LOL, that's great stuff. Keep up the good work!

this was fantastic. especially how the little dude on his bed has tremors.

nice !

I'm happy that you didn't forget captain and Tankmen

Like you sais here :


I cant wait.... I know i'm annoying with that :)

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