that was great i love that animation ^^

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I wonder if you gonna release something for Pico day on newgrounds ?

maybe tankmen lol

What the fuck Johnny post some new shit!!! This is old .....and when did you stop to hate things .... Oh god! Dont give me the I've got a blog on Newgrounds Official site ...it's just not acceptable.... and plus kevin bacon day is WAY past....MOAR cock jokes more hate more john Of war..and finish that goddamn tankmen sequel....

Ps...there's a semi-funny Dj in Burlington stealing your Name....make him pay .....light punch, light punch, BACK, light kick, heavy punch STYLE

PPS.... Make a Hate-o-meter comment on the frigging kids that leave the sticker on their caps ...can you fukin believe that shit plus when it finally goes away there's a spot where the coulour hasn't washed away

This was awesome. Love the way your characters talk, but you've shown you can make a brilliant silent animation!

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